Cash Discount

cash discount
Sample Merchant Statement

The Compliant Cash Discount is a program that is like surcharge, however the signage you place at your entrance and at the point of sale tells all your customers that all items sold will have a 3.50%-4.00% customer service fee. A discount of that customer service fee is applied by paying with cash or check. This eliminates all your processing fees

  • At Cost Terminal
  • No Hidden fees
  • It’s easy to switch
  • Cash purchases are great fraud prevention
  • Current processing fees already figured withing your pricing now becomes profit.
  • Never have to switch processors again as you pay nothing for your merchant services account
  • Legal in all 50 states



**You can try our services out to see if you like the program.  Free terminal requires a 16-month contract.

Signs must be posted at entry and point of sale to alert customers of the discount for paying with cash.