Credit Card Cash Discount


Benefits of a Cash Discount Program

WHAT IS IT?  A cash discount program is a type of credit card processing program that passes the cost of acceptance back to customers who choose to pay with a credit card or debit card. Instead of the business paying for the cost to accept payments, the customer is given a choice to pay with cash and save or incur the cost of acceptance themselves.

  • All your processing fees are gone forever.
  • Free Terminal
  • Your customer can choose to pay cash or pay the processing fee by using their card
  • No Hidden fees
  • It’s easy to switch
  • Cash purchases are great fraud prevention
  • Never have to switch processors again as you pay nothing for your merchant services account
using cash


Customer A has $20 worth of products and notices the sign next to the register that paying with cash they will receive a 4% discount and they decide the discount is worth it to pay cash instead of using a credit card, they ends up paying a total of $19.20

using credit card


Customer B also has $20 worth of products also notices the sign next to the register that paying with cash they will receive a discount and decides to pay with a credit card, they end up paying a total $20.80.

Cash discount program allows the customer to pay with a credit card just like normal.  The difference is that they get the choice whether to incur the fee that would normally be paid by the merchant or use cash for a discount.


By using a cash discount program, the business receives the full amount of each transaction without paying any credit card processing costs or fees.



You can try our services out to see if you like the program with no lengthy contract.  We will send you the signs required by law that must be clearly visible to all customers, and a terminal.

A cash discount at the point of sale is completely legal in all 50 states, a fee or surcharge is only legal in 40 states.  Surcharge is a program where you charge the customer an additional fee(surcharge) on top of the cost of good to cover merchant processing costs.

Tips are excluded from the non-cash adjustment.

The average credit card processing fee range from 2-4%, each merchant account is charged interchange (Visa and MasterCard fees) and has a set of rates charged by the processor (annual fees, monthly limit fees, batch fees)