Credit Card Processing

Retail businesses face a wide range of challenges, but with BottomLine Concepts one very important part of their operation can be easy, dependable and above all affordable.

Credit Card Cash Discount

The Compliant Cash Discount Program is a program that you increase your prices to all customers, while giving a discount to those who pay with cash


Surcharge program is a pricing program that passes the cost of credit card acceptance to your customers during the transaction.

Receivable Collections

It's your money let us help you get it back!

Check Processing and Collections

Returned checks are embarrassing for your customers, let us be the one to collect them.


Cost plus cost

We offer the best services from the most reliable companies at the lowest costs possible, for our members. We call it a “cost plus cost” program. We only represent companies who we have checked out for longevity, performance, and honesty. We wanted companies who keep their word and who had the same compassion of service as we do, for our clients.